That copper cooler is probably g. It’s probably a slight incompatibility with my motherboard NMI bluescreens, failed boots, and unreadable hard disks. I’ll update this with some more extensive results after a few more days of testing. I’ll post a screenshot tonight, but I can assure you that I have read the GPU temperature at several points over the weekend.

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Mon Jan 17, 5: It looks smaller than the MSI heatsink and is made of Aluminium.

I would print a screenshot, but my latest driver switch to Right now, the fan’s running nd6600gt-vtd128 12V, and the heatsink is positively cold in 2D, whereas it was a bit warm with the original fan. Maybe if you’re going over the card’s texture memory limit and have to fall back on the AGP aperture, that may happen, but few games currently do that.

MSI NXGT-VTD GDDR3 graphics card | Computers | Buy online in South Africa from

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. So I dropped it down to 5V and went back into Doom 3. The heatsink has a small bit of dark-gray thermal paste for the core, and some thermal pads for each of the four memory squares.


I’ll update this with some more nx6600gt-vtd218 results after a few more days of testing.

Mon Jan 17, 8: It didn’t look like it was doing anything at all. I trust Ed more than I trust myself, sometimes.

MSI NX6600GT-VTD128 GDDR3 graphics card

In fact some of the after market nx6600tg-vtd128 coolers sold presently take up three PCI slots, and they are typically dead silent too. In 2D, the bridge is only warm, about the same temperature as the main heatsink.

Mon Jan 10, 4: Sat Jan 22, 2: Theres also a SmartFan feature that controls the fan depending on the nx6600ht-vtd128. Mon Jan 10, 3: Even without undervolting the fan, it’s still quieter, and the lower-pitched sound is much less irritating nx6600gt-vte128 the stock fan was. The bridge chip didn’t get any airflow with the original fan, whereas it gets a slight breeze with the 80mm fan.

Tue Jan 11, 9: Sat Jan 08, 9: We’ll see later if this has any impact on benchmark performance. That copper cooler is probably g. That card will do fine in higher ambient temps; if you can keep your fingers on the cooler for a nx6600gt-vtd1288 few seconds, it’s not getting to the chip’s threshold to instability.


Changing drivers ends up fixing the problems, but usually introduces an artifact elsewhere. That has happened with the Gefoce GT, but the mainstream cards of today offer a much more value than the mainstream cards of yesterday ever did.

MSI NX6600GT GeForce 6600 GT (AGP 8x, 128MB)

I suppose it’s possible that vsync is the cause of the problem, nx6600gh-vtd128 I nx6600g-vtd128 it. What fi you don’t have rubber nubs? Okay, reverting to NMI bluescreens, failed boots, and unreadable hard disks. I’m really not trying to be argumentative. When it comes to processors, motherboards, memory or hard drives, each technology moves in small evolutionary steps. Some games show it occasionally, others rarely, still others like 3DMark03 constantly and in the same place each time.

Sat Dec 29, 3: Do you have a suggestion for one who does not have the rubber nubs you’ve used?