And apparently only men are considered unpatriotic if their headgear remains intact during the playing of the national anthem. We’d love to have you! Sign in Already have an account? Posted 25 March – If the CG were different enough on the two heads, this is where the one with the lower CG could generate a higher launch with more spin, and for some golfers that might mean more fade or draw for an on center hit than a higher CG head.

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TaylorMade R15 cc Driver Review With Mark Crossfield | Bunkers Paradise

Posted 23 March – Several functions may not work. A face angle change is a real 1 for 1 reduction in the number of degrees that a golfer may deliver the face open or closed to the ball to cause that slice or hook. Richard One of the things we have bset very good at over the past many years of our research is to be able to know what changes to a golf club really make a difference, and which other ones bwst do not.

Especially from the side! Sign In Sign Up. My m1 is just barely better. The blue slider cover and screw add another 4-grams for a total Retail movable slider weight of grams. I’m swinging a Yonex Ezone Type at the moment which, as far as I know, is one of the smallest if not the smallest drivers in production at the moment. You can make some GI designs with a thin, high COR face so they generate a higher smash factor ball speed divided by clubhead speed than a blade for sure.


Christmas is mentioned as the setting briefly at the beginning and at the end, with one mention in the form of a Christmas song in the middle. Register for free today! The final contenders were the R15’s and M1’s.

Best 430cc driver?

Bfst lead forearm tension seems to be the only way I can actually feel the club head trying to force its mass counter clockwise verses me trying to force the club face shut. Down my toe line.

Your thoughts and experience are greatly appreciated! Mike November 15, Men wearing hats should take them off indoors, but lobbies, corridors and elevators are not considered indoor unless the elevator is in a private apartment building. None of these things have anything to do with head size.

Likewise, the larger the size of the head, the larger the face area could be. These “actual” numbers along with the headweight and lie angle are identified on a “Tour Sticker” affixed to the shrink wrap on the clubhead when bought new. Then we go into the clubhouse for a little Earl Grey bestt crumpets, and again we have to doff the headpiece. The surprising winner for me was the M1 8.

Head sizes will reduce when the manufacturers run out of marketing ideas for the cc models. Tom Wishon May 1, Richard May 28, If you had a week or so to be able to be without the nest clubs such that you could send them to us, we can do that in about an hour or so and let you know what we find and then get the clubs back to you totally intact and with no changes from how they are now. Hence if all the golf companies could be convinced enough golfers would buy the smaller size driver to make it worth the expense to develop and introduce it, golfers would not skip a beat in terms of the performance they could achieve with a smaller size head.


TaylorMade R15 430cc Driver Review With Mark Crossfield

Various weights of the blue slider covers are available to help you “fine tune” swingweight. Alan April 26, The world being what it is, 430dc are alway gonna be right up to the limit if technically possible.

Getting the most possible distance comes from a combination of a couple of things. What if that one time you catch the blade off the toe is a shot to a green with a water hazard hugging tight against the entire front of the green?

Bottom line though is that it very definitely is possible to make a driver head with a volume of cc to cc that would perform every bit as well for distance and off center hit performance as any of the cc heads currently on the market. The size of the head is likely much less of a factor than the shape and weighting.