This device will allow you to attach a large double action hook prior to commencing a task as well retrieving the double action hook once the task is complete. Ideal for multi-purpose fleet vehicles or situations where low speed transportation is required. The trays also have a generous depth for greater storage and a smooth surface for easy cleaning. A universal sling tie-off and for forming temporary anchor points. The stretcher floor lock hooks are designed to fully capture the front and rear attachment points of the stretcher with one simple pull of the floor lock lever.

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Plate carrier, Strap More information. Attached to a permanent fixture the unit is deployed in the event of an emergency and operators descend using a simple pre-rigged control descent device. The Vertical Rescue Triangular Harness secures the patient during a lift. It works on a basic wind up, wind down principle. They are portable and can be erected by one person. It has an optional padded band available for comfort. Hi-Safe Non-Adjustable Lanyards are available in 2 m lengths in either rope or webbing.

This mode will only be maintained with the force exerted by the operator, until a gentle release takes place. Ruggedized construction for long service. Slings are made for a versatile and handy adjunct for forming temporary anchor points. The simple design allows the harness to be applied to the patient easily and quickly compared to other full body rescue harnesses. All cables are a minimum MBF 44 kn. Other hardware options or combinations can be made upon request from the hardware selection shown.


For longer hauls and walk outs the Shoulder Harness combined with a handle kit offers rescuers a more comfortable, balanced lift options and transfers weight solely from the arms and distributes to the shoulders, chest and back.

The ladder system is also supplied with flexible 8 mm steel cable. All Ferno Emergency Pole Stretchers feature lightweight aluminium poles with contoured, flexible hand grips acon easy handling. Roller Banner Stands More information. tts900

The front and rear locking mechanism is attached by steel wing-nuts, allowing removal and fitting by hand to the fixed, low profile ts090. Available in 50 m, m, m and m sizes. The clear faced pouches provide an uninterrupted view of all equipment, assisting in quick identification and deployment. Each box comes standard with a locking feature, ys900 the kits tamper-proof if desired.

Corrosion is a silent and often unseen enemy, rendering tools and parts unsuitable More information.

Climb Safe Ladder System This complete system is designed for providing safety when ascending or descending ladders. Each mattress is covered in soft, flexible, medical grade vinyl on the patient area with durable, hard wearing, medical ys900 vinyl on the underside to prevent mattress damage.

Tool Storage and Holders Wide selection of tool storage bags and totes to meet exact needs. We would like to thank you for having chosen one of our products, and we invite you to read this important document, the User More information. Keep your equipment organised.


Product Specifications Length Width Height Weight Load Limit Open cm 40 cm 91 cm 11 kg kg Folded 81 cm 40 cm 20 cm 11 kg – Ferno Carry Chair Code FWE The Ferno Carry Chair has all the features of the Ferno Carry Chairhowever it is 20 mm narrower and has two additional wheels positioned under the footplate at the front of the chair to assist with the manoeuvrability in confined spaces and aisle ways such as those found on buses, trains and aircraft.


Many different types of backpacks exist, and they are offered in a wide variety of colors, More information. It has multiple attachment points, D-rings for separate attachment or for use together. The professional load carrier axoh for you and your work van. The head end handle kit attaches to the Powerflex stretcher frame while the foot end handle kit attaches ts9000 the Axoj LBS Jr.

Comes complete with a re-direct pulley.

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A few simple tools are required: The high attachment points make sure the child cannot invert. Axom components must be checked for compatibility. This rope is suitable for a multitude of applications including roofing restraint, general lift and tie down purposes.