But after I rebooted the computer everything has started to work. CHAP authentication succeeded Jan 20 I just may not have looked hard enough, but even if we do that isn’t hooked up yet. Comment 36 Dan Williams Comment 25 Igor Bukanov Can you reboot again and try a few times and confirm that things work as expected? Comment 35 Dan Williams

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I can certainly add them back into the provider info.

Comment 37 Dan Williams You can provide feedback for this update here: Often I just need a few of the custom AT commands to google around and find the manual or forum posts. Comment 13 Vassily Gavrilyak Sent 0 bytes, received 0 bytes.

Comment 16 Dan Williams Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. But after I rebooted the computer everything has started to work.

Comment 8 Miroslav Pragl Comment 5 Dan Williams CDMA modems usually only have one AT capable port and thus we don’t need the udev rules to tag ports as primary vs. In this case because modem-manager only finds one port which is normal for CDMA devices that’s the only port that we can use.


Comment 36 Dan Williams Comment 14 Igor Bukanov So I suspect the issue is the modem simply hasn’t had enough time to fully register on the network yet.


Comment 3 Miroslav Pragl In particularly, wvdialconf generates the following wvdial. Comment 39 Dan Williams If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report. Comment 31 Dan Williams Comment anydaya Miroslav Pragl Comment 25 Igor Bukanov During help session I found that it is possible to specify correct port via udev rule, but only for ZTE plugin. After selecting the modem from NetworkManager menu when modem is connected to the network: Looks like ModemManager tries both serial ports and modem doesn’t like it.

All 3G data card list AnyDATA ADU-EA DataCard

Comment 41 Igor Bukanov BTW, what carrier is this? If I stop modem-manager and NetworkManager, insert the modem, wait until the modem finds network and then start modem-manager and NetworkManager, I got: Your problem and Miroslav’s seems to be no service at all or slow registration.

  40 0579 005 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Comment 23 Dan Williams In Fedora this modem works as is. What other information do you need?

This could be a case of the AT-command interface not being complete enough since on Windows most modems use a Qualcomm proprietary interface instead of AT commands or it could be something else needs to be set up for the modem to work correctly.

Also I can provide any additional information or debug info if necessary. U30ICE04 1 [Mar 06