It seems to me the problem is that the card is waiting to be activated from ath5k driver, but it does not. My logs say “ath0: What should I do?? If it’s still not working than it is very likely you have ath5k being blacklisted somewhere. Posted Sep 21, Unfortunately, with some hardware, it tries to initialise the Atheros hardware and fails. These laws drive wireless manufacturers to come up with solutions to enforce compliance with the wide array of regulatory agencies.

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But seems this 0. Thu, 20 Sep Sure, it’d be nice if device vendors would release firmware source code that could be modified and rebuilt with the standard toolchain. SET failed on device ath0 ; Invalid argument.

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You might probably find this case on a file named “madwifi”. This issue was fixed early in This will allow you to run many drivers natively, without binary emulation. The laptop has a free internal mini pci slot and the wireless was maxwifi. Could you please post the exact model so maybe we could take a look?


Regulatory agencies all over the world have laws which restrict the use of the wireless spectrum to certain alterate bands under specific transmission power levels. A lot of them actually use an altfrnate that’s been around for 27 years and athefos never gotten a GCC port: On some distributions the running kernel has another name as the installed kernel source. The laptop is a Toshiba P When hardware vendors provide basic device information and initial code, the Free software community can usually run with it.

Install the sources for you kernel, or roll your own kernel and use the sources for that. Whenever running iwconfig or any wireless utilities to set it up it compiled and loaded fine otherwise.

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As it became more and more evident that Linux needed a device-independent Madwifi takes information from the installed kernel source. Enter WEP key iwconfig ath0 key The step 33 worked for my HP dv5 laptop.

On most laptops there is a door on the bottom that contains your wireless card. So my card stays always turned off: It doesn’t reply or doesn’t reply properly?

Your card should have been detected and it should show available networks but if it does not, try. I have Ubuntu 8. We encourage developers to contribute [7] to the free driver efforts – it’s alterate a long way before we reach the goal of a truly free Atheros driver for Linux, and every helping hand is welcome. What should I do??


Your wireless connection should work now. I reserve my opinion because we haven’t seen the obstacles a vendor who did choose to do the Right Thing would face.

On my Thinkpad X31 I get: At that time, some volunteers stepped up trying to keep development going on. I followed the rest step by macwifi, and on a clean install, but still get this error.

This entry was sent in by Stuart Higgs, and only applies to the old code. If anyone finds a solution to this please post.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.