Coming so soon in the wake of the Canterwood i release why is this Springdale chipset such a big deal? The manual is about 90 pages long English only and covers installation, BIOS settings, and software installation, as well as diagramming the various jumpers, ports, and the like in detail. With the bracket we can connect up to 6 USB-units and three Firewire units. I this test group these differences in frequency are slim to none so no board get any noticeable advantage over another. This is within very small margins though. The only reason why we did not go higher is because of the CPU and the cooling. Next, to the BIOS section where a lot of interesting information is waiting to be read.

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Flexible memory technology allows a full spectrum of DDR usage from highest performance to more cost-effective systems. This is something the majority of consumers does not utilize.

This means that no matter how many sticks of memory and regardless of size, cjipset memory was combined to share the same bandwidth and path or channel to the CPU.


Marking more than marginal increases performance-wise over theand a feature set that is downright impressive. As you can see this chipset chipeet no slouch. The effect of this in FPS has of course been reviewed. It’s less expensive and sports what is supposed to be close to the same performance as it’s partner the Canterwood.


Abit IS7-G iPE Motherboard Review –

Email Article To Friend. With the bracket we can connect up to 6 USB-units and three Firewire units. Then we have the price question left and if we look at the prices of today on these boards they are i7 hard to compete with.

Instead, only marked soldering spots are found.

With the IS7 series they take the whole thing one step further and again they raise the bar a bit over the competitors. All of the hype in the world and in this PC enthusiasts community we see a buttload of it! To connect or disconnect the connector is thus a messy business, not the least in a well-filled chassis. Motherboards Previous page Next page. If it comes to the worst, you might have to fetch the Dremel and cut out a piece of the metal to make room for the fan.

This was something of a surprise to us as ABIT has, with its earlier mainboards like the IC7, proved that the company is well aware of such small details and has shown that it can effectively avoid this kind of design flaws. Beefy water blocks that mount without the plastic cage can possibly cause troubles, but users that utilize such a cooling are often knowledgeable enough to correct the problem.

Search For More Articles! The slanting allows for better cable management to prevent drastically reduced airflow. The only real difference between this and it’s bigger brother, the Canterwood i, is the fact that the features Intel PAT Performance Acceleration Technology.


Differences in this effective frequency can tilt the test scores a tad since a variance in the end effects the actual speed of the whole process. For the DFI-board is looks darker though.

There are a lot of S-ATA-ports, 4 to be exact. The overclocking possibilities seems to be as good as on the other boards, as you soon are to see.

ABIT IS7-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE Overview – CNET

Once again the differences between boards of the chiipset chipset are very small. Of course, all the standard Xhipset features are here too, like eight ports of USB 2. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap. Auto, Turbo, Street Racer and F1 are the available settings.

The performed tests are as follow: That is a bit low, 3. Thus it comes as no surprise that both the reference boards, based on the Canterwood chipset are faster than the IS7-board.

The Springdale chipset abig a pretty hefty feature list. The rest of BIOS follows the usual design with a system monitoring section, a section for the integrated features and so on. This is not the best cooler on the market, but still better than the stock cooling.

It’s cheesy I know, but hey, it’s the simple things that separates a pack of similar products.